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Experienced construction attorneys providing full-service solutions for our clients.

Full service representation of contractors performing public works projects

  • Claims filing and prosecution through federal, state, and local dispute resolution mechanisms.
  • Presentation and resolution of claims before agency Commissioners, Office of the New York City Comptroller, and the Contract Dispute Resolution Board.
  • Preparation, initiation, and prosecution of claims by way of specialized Article 78 procedures.
  • Coordination, drafting, and filing of all written notices required by federal, state, and city contracts.
  • Preparation of project-specific handbooks with template notices and project-relevant timelines.
  • Preparation and litigation of disputed work claims.
  • Preparation and litigation of delay claims.
  • Filing of bid protests, award protests, and bid deficiency protests.
  • Negotiation and drafting of utility interference agreements.
  • Preparation and prosecution, through litigation, arbitration, and mediation, of utility interference claims.

Counseling and advising

Counseling and advising project managers with respect to day-to-day project management, including compliance with contractually-mandated notice and other requirements.

Negotiation and drafting of all construction-relevant contracts

Negotiation and drafting of the full spectrum of construction-relevant contracts, including agreements by and between owners, contractors, architects, subcontractors, vendors, and design professionals.

Filing, prosecution, and defense of mechanic’s and public improvement liens and bond claims.

Preparation of detailed and comprehensive delay, acceleration, and inefficiency claims.

Formation, preparation of initial filings, subsequent certifications, and continued compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Grae & Grae, LLC is not a typical personal injury law firm.

Grae & Grae, LLC is not a typical personal injury law firm.  Our intimate knowledge and understanding of the construction industry uniquely positions us to more effectively and successfully advocate on behalf of individuals injured at construction sites. This depth of industry-specific knowledge and experience distinguishes our law offices from other personal injury practices, and empowers us to more meaningfully and tactically approach the handling of our clients’ worksite injury matters.  Having spent a significant amount of boots-on-the-ground time alongside their clients at worksites, the attorneys of Grae & Grae, LLC have acquired a thorough understanding of the proper manner in which construction sites ought to be operated and managed, empowering them to more quickly and easily identify deviations from controlling occupational health and safety standards and state labor laws. Simply put, Grae & Grae, LLC will not only zealously pursue your injury-related claims, but will do so with level of personal attention and expertise that has earned the firm its reputation of being among the very best servicing the construction industry.

Prosecution and defense of the full diversity of potential construction-related claims through litigation, arbitration, and mediation.

Drafting of all organizational documents

Preparation of all documentation and filings necessary for formation and operation of full range of business organizations, including limited liability partnership operating agreements, partnership agreements, corporate by-laws, shareholder agreements, stock transfer agreements, joint venture agreements, loan agreements, promissory notes, employment agreements, and employee handbooks.

Investigation and defense of violations assessed by federal, state, and local agencies.